Thursday, June 24, 2010

Freshly Painted

First off, a big THANKS to Jeni from Peppertowne for featuring my sofa table makeover today.  Thanks, girl!!  It looks like you helped me gain 3 followers today!  If you've never been to Peppertowne, it's a blog shared by sisters, Jeni & Amy.  They've done some awesome makeovers that you need to check out.

I've not posted much lately because I've been pretty busy around here.  Not with small projects, but with larger ones.  Mainly, the repainting of my downstairs.  Once we got that breakfast bar started, it didn't take us long to realize that these paint colors weren't gonna work.

dining-room facing, kitchen wall in school-bus yellow

don't you love my 8?  Goodwill - 50 cent

back door wall that continues into the living room in an olive-ish green

the side table, shelf and Dax, who always wants to be where I am

living room with big-ass TV and really cool painting by Charles

master bedroom door and another cool Charles painting

You can see over on the right, the new breakfast bar and paint color (brown) and back yonder (please note that I don't normally use that word, I'm just trying to be cute and embrace my inner Southern gal) is the front door, foyer and dining room.  You can also see where I tried the new paint color out on the stair wall.

After - The Kitchen:
back door wall

See those tins?  I got those at GW for $2.  Back in Jan, when I was going through my Kate & Allie marathon on Netflix, I got excited when I saw that they had the Flour tin as part of the kitchen set.  Imagine how excited I was last week when I found these on etsy.

I love how the pops of red and my 8 look against the neutral wall.

One of my cheese dome cloches that I never blogged about.  Behind that, you can see the tile we're planning to use for the back-splash.

view from the living room to include the breakfast bar

After - The Living Room

you can see that I wasn't allowed to paint around the surround sound speakers  :-) 

So much lighter in here! 

 I got a cool new lamp from Lowe's.  It's a Mission style banker's lamp.

 view from kitchen to include the breakfast bar

My favorite part of the living room.  I call this my fake mantle.  I didn't change anything about it, but it looks so much better with the new color.  

I've just finished painting the foyer, but I'm waiting until we do our fake board and batten before I post photos.  After that, it's on to the dining room, the pantry (just cuz I wanna) and the half-bath.  After that, Han and I are doing a grown-up makeover on her room.  That one is gonna be a doozie and you'll see why soon.  :-)

7 crafty peeps said:

  1. your kitchen looks great, but i have one question. what happened to the weiner dog print? i loved it!

  2. nevermind i thought that was a before picture. sorry for the confusion.

  3. I like it! Isn't it amazing that paint can make such a big difference? I have to admit, I don't really understand the big 8. Does that number have any significance, or is it just a cool decor thing? I'm a little slow... :)

  4. I wondered where you had been! I loveeee the new color though! I just painted our bedroom a similar color and I love how it goes with everything.

  5. I like your new color alot! Looks classy with all the white trim and curtains and the black accents. And the paintings by Charles stand out instead of competing with the green walls and red curtains.

  6. Hi- Can I ask what paint color you used?!
    I will be running out asap to pick up a few cans if you can remember!!