Sunday, June 12, 2011

Little Shelf Makeover

I hope everyone's having a great weekend!  Han and I thrifted a couple of things for her new bedroom makeover.  YES, we're doing it again even though it hasn't been a year since the last one.  She's just like her mama that way, I guess.  Most everything will be cosmetic and we're trying to keep it under $100.  Under $200, if we make this bed for her.  She does need a sturdier bed and storage underneath would be great.  The bed she's using now, which I thrifted for $20, will go in the guest room, once we get to that room makeover.

Anyway, I just realized that I only posted twice last week.  I hate it when that happens.  I want to try and post at least three times a week.  This week, I've been scrambling to get my dining room finished so I can start painting stuff for the Upcycled Living Fair & Market which is only TWO WEEKS away!  Until the dining room makeover, I'd been painting pieces consistently, but also listing them on Etsy.  I've sold most of what has been listed in the past few weeks and so my Market stash has been depleted. 

I'm posting this here little shelf makeover today and then I'll be back again tomorrow with a new Color of the Week post.

Here's my little shelf as it was when I bought it.

I stained her with Minwax stain in Ebony and then went over that with a sweet color that I'll be sharing with you guys tomorrow.  I also added the knob that had been on this, to the little drawer so that it could actually be opened.  

I ended up listing and selling it as a spice shelf which I think is the perfect job for her.  Wouldn't you agree?

Well, I'm off to clean Han's room.  She opted to clean the whole downstairs, including my room if I'd clean hers.  Yeah, it's that bad.  ha ha

Have a good night!

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12 crafty peeps said:

  1. Wow! I love all of your transformations - such beautiful colors! Thank you for sharing.

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  3. Love the color--what a difference a little paint makes!

  4. Wow, amazing! I absolutely love her!!! xxx

  5. I love that. I've never stained and then painted over it ... does the paint adhere well over the stain? Love the final look of the shelf.

  6. Took a peek at a few makeovers you've done. Added you to my favorites.
    - Joy

  7. ps:
    I am also following your blog. Found it through Between Naps on the Porch.
    - Joy

  8. This looks fabulous! Love it.

  9. Cute, cute! Love the color.
    Hope you'll drop by and see the tile floor Jane wrote about for Met Monday.


  10. Fabulous transformation!! Love the color!! I just started a blog paty "from trash to treasure" and this post would be a great additon. I hope you'll stop by and join in!