Sunday, February 6, 2011

I'm So NOT Looking Forward to This

I'm still working on my Kick the Clutter 2011 mission.  I just haven't been up to posting photos of my progress so far.  I have finished the kitchen and our 5th bedroom which is our spare bedroom.  It acts as our attic and our cat's room.  We actually call it "The Cat Room".  Anyway, it's getting messy again because I'm now working on my studio.  I've been putting this off for months and it is only getting worse.  So, I am jumping in and getting it taken care of.  

It is so bad that I've taken over the dining room as my temporary studio.  There are Esty items all over the place, waiting to be painted.  The poor table is covered in paint splatters.  I even have all of  my shipping stuff lying around.  The kitchen counter is where I take ALL of my shop photos so my backgrounds live there.  My house is pretty much a mess because of this one room (the studio).  So, I HAVE to get this done!

I only had about 100 followers back in May when I first tackled my studio. You can find the original BEFORE photos here.  I am laughing at myself now for thinking those were bad.  You can find how nice and pretty I made my studio here.  I did manage to keep it clean for a few months.  I'd say around October, when my Etsy shop started taking off and my thrifting kicked into high gear, is when things started to go downhillThe room became a virtual drop-zone for everything.  I feel like a freakin' hoarder when I open that door.  Here, take a look.

It's terrible and I have to be honest, I'm feeling so overwhelmed right now.  I know that once I get going, it'll be so easy.  It's just keeping it clean that's the problem.  I'm hoping that the big ole makeover I have planned for it will help keep me motivated.  Right now, I'm in the purge stage.  I can't wait to free myself of some of this stuff!  I'm thinking maybe I can send the craft stuff to a women's shelter or something.  Don't they do crafty things in those places?  Anyway, after I get that done, Charles and I will finalize the work table and cubbies plan that we've started working on.  I'm planning to repaint AGAIN.  I need white walls so that I get get the maximum out of the lighting up there since I'm going to start doing my shop photos there.

I'm still going to keep posting this week, but I am officially taking the week off from doing Etsy shop work.  No more new pieces for at least a week.  I'll be back on Thursday or Friday with a photo update of the studio.

Wish me luck!!

10 crafty peeps said:

  1. That's about how my dining room turned studio looks! Can't wait to see your progress...maybe it will inspire me to get mine organized!

  2. Wowsas...good luck chica!

    Jessica @ myworldmadebyhand.blogspot.com

  3. good luck! i think you are going to need it, but i also know what you are capable of and YOU CAN DO IT!

  4. I know how you feel. RIght now - I am trying to reorganize my closet...and I am completely overwhelmed and I make the mess worse - not better! Good luck. You will feel great when it is done. Thanks.

  5. Good luck with all of that...I understand the overwhelming part...haahaha!

  6. Looks like my garage!! It will be worth it in the end.

  7. Good luck girly!!! I feel like this happens to my office, which is now also my husbands office/cat room/craft space/ workout room/ housing for the wood floor that still needs to be laid in there.

  8. Geez... this looks like my entire home at the moment (you can tell, I live alone!). So brave of you to post this here.
    I have been thinking about blogging my progress on de-cluttering and organising my home but am still not brave enough. I think you've inspired me to get moving on it. Thanks!
    Best wishes for your challenge.

  9. HEY!
    Let me come help you---really.
    Organizing is what I do.
    I can sort and sit with you, make sandwiches?
    I can come to your house tomorrow instead?

  10. I am extremely overwhelmed by clutter of any kind, even just a few things lying about in the living room out of place.

    I have limited closet space in my home now and am extremely limited in storage within my office/craft space, which all comes together to mean unavoidable clutter.

    Tonight I spent a couple of hours anxious and overwhelmed trying to move things around in my office to make less clutter or at least hide the clutter from my sight somehow. Sometimes all I could do is move the clutter from one spot to another less viewable-to-me spot.