Monday, May 26, 2014

Master Bedroom

The last time I mentioned this space was nearly three years ago, so I figured it was about time for me to share it with you, and finally show what I ended up with.

When we found out I was expecting (has it really been three years???), we knew immediately that we'd be moving upstairs so we could be close to the baby's room.  We chose the two bedrooms that were at the far end of the hall, side by side.  At the time, one of the rooms was my husband's studio/office and the other was Han's room. We moved my husband's space downstairs to the master, and we moved Han into what was the spare room.  

The new room is a good bit smaller than the previous room, but the furniture fits so much better!  The actual master bedroom doesn't have one full wall. All of the walls either have a window or a door so the furniture could really only be arranged one way, and that we didn't have a place for anything extra, like a chair or console table.  The new room might be a little tighter, but we have room for more than the bed, dresser and bedside tables.  

For the wall color, I decided to go with a neutral color, and chose a Better Homes and Gardens color called Creamy Pebbles.  I've been really happy with the color and I'm glad I chose a neutral because it'll make it easier for me to make some changes to the decor (new bedding, wall decor, etc) which is something I'm in the process of doing.

I kept the same drapes, and bedding I'd been using downstairs. and bought new bedding from Pottery Barn.  The bedding looks great with the wall color, and blends with the drapes.  

I absolutely love my bedroom!  I love being in there.  Not only is is pretty, it's so quiet!  It really is a sanctuary for me.  

As I mentioned earlier in the post, I'm in the process of planning an update to the room.  I've got the bedding, but am still trying to make up my mind on drapes and wall decor.  Hopefully soon I'll have a new room to share.  

Until next time...

8 crafty peeps said:

  1. It's beautiful, Kristi!
    Cozy, elegant, charming!

  2. Warm and restful! I love it!

  3. It's so pretty and NOT cluttered. I really need to get on making that space more sacred, so to speak, and maybe more relaxing while I do that!

  4. It's beautiful! Love the colors and how clean/uncluttered it is. You did a great job!

  5. What a lovely combination of colours. I've been wanting to redo our master bedroom but life just keeps getting in the way.

  6. love your decorating choices! very peaceful room

  7. Just beautiful! Love that chair in the corner!

  8. Love this paint color! It's very sophisticated; I was surprised when I stumbled upon it at Wal-Mart. Love how your room turned out, take care! : )