Wednesday, November 28, 2012

No Sew Girlie Christmas Outfit

We had family photos done last weekend.  At the last minute, I decided that Zoe needed something festive to wear for some of the photos since this is her first Christmas.   I hopped on Pinterest to find tutorials for the different components of the outfit I wanted to put together.

You don't need a sewing machine to make this outfit.  You will need to hand sew the elastic that you use for the waist of the tutu, but that's it.

This isn't really a tutorial, but more of a collection of tutorials that I used to make this.

We'll start with the hairband.  Here is the tutorial I used to make the flower.  I made two of each size circle and stacked them.  After I burned the edges, I sewed the layers a few times with some thread, and then sewed a button in the center.  To assemble the hairband, I covered the back of the flower with hot glue and then sandwiched the hairband between that and a circle of felt that was cut a little smaller than the flat base of the flower.

 I used this tutorial for the tutu.  I held two strips of tulle together when tying to help make the tutu a little fuller.  I initially bought one roll of tulle and ran out.  I bought the next roll from another store, and it was a different shade of red.  That ended up making the tutu look like it had more depth.  I tied the new shade in between the existing tufts of tulle. 

For the applique shirt, I used Google to find a Christmas tree template I liked and then I used the same method I used for the monthly onesie numbers to make the applique.  Here is the template I used.  I left out the bucket and widened the trunk a bit.

Next up are the leg-warmers.  All I did was take a pair of adult socks and cut the foot off. I bought my socks at Jo-Ann's.  They were probably close to 2ft long in the leg section so you could use them for an older child. I sewed around the cut end of the sock to hem it a little, but if you don't sew, you could just tuck the edge under.  Hemming the edge didn't really make much of a difference.

 It's such a sweet outfit and it really was simple to make.  

Here's one more of my baby in her Christmas outfit.  This is one of my favorite photos of her and her daddy.


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4 crafty peeps said:

  1. Absolutely darling! I'm featuring it today at Creations by Kara.

  2. She is adorable! Love it all! and the no sew part is fabulous!!!!
    Great job!
    Dee, The CSI Project

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