Friday, November 12, 2010

Foam Tree Crafts

Did you know that the Dollar Tree carries this size of the foam tree forms?  I happen to think this is totally awesome because that foam stuff is expensive!  I try to use a coupon when I'm buying it from one of the big ole craft stores.

Anyway, I wanted to share some of my little trees with you today.  The only things I had to purchase for these were the pom poms and the tree forms.  Isn't it awesome to be a crafter?  How many times have you been able to throw a last minute school project together with stuff you had lying around?  Please tell me I'm not the only one who has a child that waits until the last minute to let me know that she's got a project due like, TOMORROW.  

For these trees, I used the leftover ribbon I had from the Christmas Ribbon Wreath.  Like I mentioned in that post, I HATE using hot glue (those dang strings!) so I used pins to hold everything in place.  What's great about this is that you can reposition things until you get them just right.  This also means that the backs of your trees will look like this.

I'm cool with this because it means I don't have to deal with hot glue.  I did, however, have to use hot glue to attach the pom poms to the top of the tree.  The other day, when I was at AC Moore, I saw that they'd made some ribbon trees similar to these only they used those itty bitty foam balls, coated in glitter, instead of pom poms.  I have to say that I really liked they way that looked.  If I hadn't already made mine, I'd have done that.  Another good thing about using those foam balls is that they can be stuck to the top of the tree with a straight pin.  No hot glue! 

I made these yarn trees last year (they didn't have pom poms until this year) with some scrap yarn, some buttons (hot glue, ick), some sequins and some beads.  The tree on the right has red beads with red sequins under them, pinned onto the tree.  Cute!

We're working on Christmas crafts this weekend so look for a flurry of Christmas craft posts next week.  

Oh, have I mentioned how much hate hot glue???

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12 crafty peeps said:

  1. They are adorable! I am the same! Always last minute projects...drives the hubby insane! hahaha
    I have seen these cute trees all covered in glitter as well - very cute!

  2. Great idea! They look so cute. I'm with you on the no glue guns too.

    I found your post at Tatertots and Jello

  3. I found you via the weekend wrap up, these trees are precious, love the pompoms on top. I will see if my dollar shop as the foam tree shape. I live in the inner city so there is no Michaels close by.

  4. Love! I'm thinking of doing a little forest of these trees, all of them different!

  5. Adorable and thanks for the tip on the Dollar Tree, thats HUGE!

  6. Way cute! Great ideas. I finally have a good enough stash to not go buy anything to throw a project together. Great feeling!


  7. these are so simple and pretty :) come on over and link up to MMM !!!

  8. So cute! I've been wanting to do some trees. Thanks for the reminder that I can get this foam at the Dollar Tree.

  9. Love them! I think I just may have to make a few!!!

  10. Those are great for little vignettes around the house. I love it! Great p ost.

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