Thursday, June 17, 2010

CSN Giftcard Winner

Thanks to everyone who entered and a big shout-out to all of my new followers.  I promise to get back to posting more often. 

Charles picked a number at random and that number was 43, which is Nikki from Nikki's Nacs.  Congrats to Nikki!  I'll be e-mailing you tomorrow morning with the deets. 

I got another e-mail from CSN telling me I could either do another giveaway or a product review and I've decided to do another giveaway because they're more fun.  I'll put that post up early next week.

2 crafty peeps said:

  1. How dare you not pick me!
    Congratulations to Nikki!!

  2. This was a nice surprise to see after returning from a nice vacation. I need to narrow some choices down and figure out what I want.

    Thanks again!