Friday, January 24, 2014

Favorite Things Friday - No 3

A series of weekly posts, sharing some of my favorite internet finds.

These Linzer cookies are adorable. My husband loves Linzer cookies so I think these will be perfect for him for a Valentine's Day treat.   

Keeping on with the cookie theme, I found these adorable bunny sandwich cookies. She used a Miffy fondant cutter.  How cute!!  I was able to order some here for just a couple of bucks + free shipping. 

Yay, more sweets!  I love these marshmallow pops.  I imagine these are a bit cheaper to make than cake pops.  I tried to make cake pops a few years ago, and failed miserably so I think these pops are something I could do.  They look so cute in a bouquet, don't they?

I think these cat pillows are the most adorable things I've seen in awhile (well, at least since the Miffy cookies).  There's no pattern or tutorial, but they look like they'd be pretty simple to make.  

This is actually a print that you can order, but it's nice as inspiration too.  I've got a good many old books, and more than my share of scrapbook paper so this is definitely a project I'll tackle soon.  A pretty stack like this is a perfect addition to a Spring vignette.  


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