Sunday, July 28, 2013

Kid Sewing - A Simple Shirt

I've really gotten into sewing clothes for Miss. Z lately.  She's in a 12-18 month size right now, so anything I make usually takes less than a yard of fabric.  I've sewn a couple of things from a traditional pattern, you know the ones, they're made of tissue paper and come in an envelope and then open up as big as a road map or a newspaper.  Personally, I find them unwieldy and too time-consuming to work with.  I've found that PDF patterns and tutorials are much simpler, and are more thorough at giving instructions.  

When I get the itch to sew, I hop on my Kid Sewing board to look through what I've pinned over the last couple of years, to see if I can find something simple that'll provide me with almost instant gratification.  (Isn't it fun to look through a board and find things you'd forgotten you'd pinned.  You get excited about them all over again.  It's like Christmas!)  A couple of weeks ago, I decided to try this dress, only instead of a dress, I wanted a big shirt.  One she can wear now and hopefully again next year.  I'm thinking it might work in cooler weather with a long-sleeved shirt under it.  It's an easy enough project for a beginner, and it certainly beats ones of those packaged patterns.  

It's made from this fabric (from Amy Butler's Lotus collection), which I've been saving for years, for just the right project.  I'd never have imagined it would be used to make a shirt for a future munchkin.  Life's funny like that, I guess.

I've got more projects to share, and I've got some big changes coming for this little blog.  One being that I'm going to be blogging more often (a lot).  I've missed being in this space.

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