Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer Sewing - Zoe Ruffle Top

I've kicked up my sewing a good bit lately, and have been branching out into clothing.  I'm really one who learns by doing (a lot of doing) and I figured if I ever wanted to be as comfortable sewing as I am knitting, I'd better get to it.  Right now, I'm just sewing for Zoe.  Since she's itty-bitty, it doesn't take quite as long to get something finished.

I really like using the patterns from Viola Lee because they're so easy to follow.  The written instructions are very clear, plus there are tons of photos.  The Zoe Ruffle Dress/Top is my second finished item using VL pattern, and my third pattern ever (the first was a pillowcase dress).  Yes, they're that easy.  Another plus to using these patterns is that she allows you to sell items made from her patterns.  Cool, right???

The fabrics I used are from JoAnn's.  I was able to use fabric I had leftover from the pillowcase dress I made which is totally awesome since I didn't need to buy more fabric.  Wait...  since when is not buying new fabric awesome?  Hmmmm....

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