Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Color of the Week - Patina

So, I've started this thing where I feature paint colors that I like to use on my trash to treasure and other projects.  I'd noticed that I used the same paint colors over and over and I thought it'd be kinda cool to share them here since the stuff I list on Etsy, where those colors were used, tends to "fly off the shelves".  I mean, if my customers liked these colors, it stands to reason that my readers and bloggie friends would too.

Really, there were only around four colors that I was using a lot, and so I'd only planned to do this color thing for as many weeks, but the feedback on these color posts has been so great that I've decided to carry on and share a new color with you each week.  This will help all of us (you guys and me) discover new paint colors.  I tend to play it safe and use only the colors that sell, but I believe this will help me climb outta that box.  I will try to have at least two projects to show with each color post, which means I'll be cranking out at least two Etsy items a week.  

As for the paint I'll be using, I like some Folk Art colors and I've really been into Martha Stewart colors lately.  It seems those are the only two brands/colors that I've shared so far, but they won't be the only ones forever.  I don't want to limit myself because there are tons of other colors/brands out there.  I do think I'd like to work my way through Martha's paint palette (you can pick up a complete palette, with all 280 colors, at Home Depot), though I will definitely not be trying all of them. 

Anyway, the color I'm sharing this week is another Folk Art color that I've used a few times.  It's called Patina and it works beautifully with antiquing glaze.  Of the projects below, all, except for the last one were glazed.

I hope you're all having a great week!  I'll be back on Friday with a scouting post.  A few of us in SC, NC & GA are looking to find fellow bloggers from the area.  If that's you, keep your eyes peeled for that post.

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16 crafty peeps said:

  1. I love anything that is a teal, or green-blue color. This paint looks great along with the glazed finish :) The objects are very appealing. Nicely done.

  2. @Al

    Thanks! I'm drawn to those colors too. When I flip through Picasa, looking for photos to use in these posts, I'm amazed at the number of projects from this color family!

  3. Oh I'm SO happy to find your blog! These color posts are going to be super handy. Thanks for your comment about my plate wall. :)

    I'm in GA too, so I'll be looking for that post about fellow bloggers in the area!

  4. I love patina too! Thanks for sharing such beautiful pieces!

  5. I love that colour too! I did a couple projects with that colour and it turned out amazing!

  6. Great color, Kristi! I love it with the glazing.

  7. I love this color! I am a glazing addict! I love the way it looks on this!

  8. Even more to love! Did you find another square bowl for me for Etsy?! ;)


  9. i love this glazed turquoise color you have going on...very lovely...thanks for sharing at fridays unfolded!

  10. love, love, love this color! love your site! i am a frequent visitor :)

  11. I bought Patina and glazed a project, but it turned out soooo much more minty..greenish? than the lovely color I see on here. It actually looks more like "Sea Glass". Is there more than one paint with the name "Patina" I bought the Folk Art one.

  12. @Caught My Eye Candy

    I tried to reply to ya by e-mail, but you have the noreply@blogger thing goin' on.

    Hmmm.. that's the same color. What kind of the glaze did you use? The same as mine?

    Could you send a photo? Maybe my photos look different on your monitor and the color didn't come through to you as it does to me. If I can see yours and compare it to mine, we can at least know if they are the same shade or not.

    You can e-mail it to me at thespeckleddog (at) yahoo (dot) com.