Monday, December 27, 2010

Kick the Clutter 2011

Thanks to everyone who left words of encouragement on my clutter post.  I really appreciate it!

I've decided to formalize this event by choosing a day each week to post about it. I'd like to invite anyone else who is also de-cluttering, and is brave enough to show their before & after photos to do the same.  I'm thinking Mondays might be good since most people will probably be using the weekends to purge.

I'm calling this series, however long it may last, "Kick the Clutter 2011".  I'm going see if I can get Charles to make a button and then I can link that in my sidebar to all of my related posts.  Anyone else who is participating can use the button too. 

I've just now gotten to my closet since the past few days were booked with holiday business.  I've been purging today and when I get finished with that, I'm going to go ahead and remove what's left and paint the inside of the closet.  There are sooo many scuff and ding marks in there, I just won't feel that my job is complete until I take care of those.

Here are some in-progress shots.  Come back next Monday for the afters.  

Looking better already!

The closet might be looking better, but the bedroom sure isn't!

3 crafty peeps said:

  1. I love de-cluttering and purging. The only problem is I always get rid of too much. I Inevitably hear from either my husband or daughter, "where's my..." to which I answer, "probably where you last left it" hoping they decide they can't remember where that is and not that it was removed from said spot and sent to Goodwill!

  2. If it counts at all, I cleared out my daughters t-shirt and sock drawer today. There is now a hefty garbage bag packed at the door for hand-me-downs to my niece. Thank you for the motivation. It worked!

  3. I think the first room I'll be hitting is the bathroom - we did a minor redo in the spring and there are still projects that need to be done so I will be concentrating on visual clutter - finishing everything that needs done and cleaning out the storage units too. I'll be posting pictures of the projects before and after - so excited about this idea!