Wednesday, September 22, 2010

O Pumpkin, Where Art Thou???

I really, really, really needed wanted a small white pumpkin.

I looked and looked and looked, but I couldn't find one anywhere.  So I got one of these for 99 cents.

I spray painted it white and then kinda dry-brushed it with some watered down black paint.  I painted a section at a time and quickly wiped the section off with a paper towel.

And now I have this. Love, Love!!

12 crafty peeps said:

  1. The glazing is just right. I really like the importance it takes on in your cloche.

  2. love it! reminds me of my cloche with the metallicy looking pinecone! i wish my dollar store wasn't out of these pumpkins.

  3. looks great! I'm still looking for pumpkins for less than .99 a piece.
    cheeeeeep! =)

    barbara jean

  4. Very cute! I like the black "glazing" on it, too. Gives it more dimension. Love your littl cloache.

  5. that's so simple yet darling. love it!

  6. Such a pretty idea for fall decor! Thanks for sharing your “creative mojo” with me on Thrilling Thursday. I hope you will be back again soon :)
    ~Lori S.
    Thrilling Thursdays @Paisley Passions

  7. Another great one, all of your pics. are grabbing me at each of the parties you are linked! I keep coming back to see what else you've done! Serious talent sister.

  8. It's cute~it looks like a ceramic pumpkin. I might have to take a trip to the dollar store today and totally steal your idea. :)