Sunday, May 2, 2010

Paper Towel Holder & Pepper Mill Redo

I picked up a wooden paper towel holder @ Goodwill last week for $1.50 (could have sworn I'd taken a before photo).  We already had a holder, but it kinda sucked.  I got it at Target for something like $20.  It's really pretty, but not very functional since it has two posts; one to put the roll on and another to help tear the towels off.  The problem with it was that a new roll of paper towels was too big to fit between the two posts.  You could get it on there, but it wouldn't budge.  So basically, we couldn't put a roll on it until we'd used about 1/4 of the towels.  Kinda defeats the purpose.  

Anyway, I painted this new one black, distressed it a little, sealed it and added a drawer knob from Hobby Lobby that matches the knob I used on my side table makeover.  Love the way it turned out!

The old holder got a new job
 as a toilet paper holder.

This pepper mill has been in the garage for months, destined for Goodwill.  Last Sat, we were loading all of the Goodwill stuff up in my car so I could drop it off and Charles pulled the mill out of a box and said, "Hey, can't you paint this?"  Man, is he catching on or what???  So, I brought it in, cleaned it off, primed and painted, then distressed it a little.  So glad it was saved!!

On a side note, don't you hate when you get rid of something and then almost immediately need it???  I wanted to try some glass etching last week and went to Goodwill to get some glasses to practice on.  While I was walking across the parking lot, I realized that I had just dropped a box of glasses off at the very same Goodwill only a few days before.  Guess what I found when I went inside?  Four of my glasses sitting all nicely on the shelf .  See, this is why I have such a hard time parting with things.  I can totally see how people become pack-rats.

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10 crafty peeps said:

  1. I can never get rid of things for that EXACT reason! I'm so indecisive!

  2. That cracks me up!!! Did you buy the glass back? I hope not, I hope you just picked it up and confidently walked out the door with your glass! Lol...

    disclaimer: I would never advocate breaking the law and stealing.

  3. WOW those both look great!

  4. Too funny...i heard about a lady who regretted dropping off some items to GW and went in and BOUGHT them back!! haha....great makeovers - -love the black

  5. Big improvements on nice small projects. Jane F

  6. I love black! you can never go wrong with black. I love the idea to use a towel rod for TP!

  7. Greetings! I love the new paper towel holder! That was a fantastic idea to use the matching knob on top. And I love the black pepper mill. Black is so classic! Great job on both!!
    Best regards,

  8. Love these idea for both ! Awesome color so

  9. Thank you for posting exactly what I needed to see...there's not much info on the internet about paper towel rack redos! Yours looks beautiful. Can you tell me what kind of paint you used and also what kind of sealer? The finished product looks very professional. I'm also eyeing my salt and peppers now...

    I can't remember what my blogger settings are, so my email is beckymotes@comcast.net. Thanks!

  10. Hi. You were caught being creative! I've featured your wonderful project on my blog www.BlackKatsDesign.blogspot.com. Thanks for the inspiration. Stop on by and grab a featured button and show off!