Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Fruit Stand

I saw this iron plate stand at GW for $2 and snatched it up. I was planning to use it as it was intended, to serve appetizers, but last week I came up with a new use for it.  I was using a large shallow bowl to hold fruit and while I liked the look, it was just taking up too much of my precious counter space.  I added some of our dinner plates and now it's a fruit & veg stand.  Much better!

The only problem is that I'm finding myself running our of clean plates and wondering if Han or Charles have them squirreled away in their rooms (we don't have separate bedrooms or anything, Charles has a studio too).  Then I remember that I'm the one who has them "squirreled away".  

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6 crafty peeps said:

  1. Totally jealous- two bucks- why does everything I do/buy cost twenty!?

  2. Awesome goodwill find...I love when I find good deals like that. Great idea for fruit:-)

  3. Oh! I love awesome finds like that! We have one too and I use it for a ton of stuff! Fruits, veggies, apps when we have a party, cookies at Christmas, it's endless!

  4. What a steal! I love it and I love having fruit out in the open, such a delicious decoration! Thanks for linking!