Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thrifting Goodies & A Question

Monday is half off day at the Goodwill stores in my area.  Here a couple of things I snagged this week.

This little guy has been hanging around at one store for a few months.  I got him for $1.25.  I'm planning to paint the frame cream and distress the edges.  I'll probably hang it on the door around Memorial Day and July 4th.

I got these for my Milk Glass collection.  They were 50 cents each!  I only get my Milk Glass at Goodwill so it's usually a vase that I end up with.  I was super excited to find these.

I didn't get this beauty on Monday so she wasn't half price, but $3 still isn't bad.  I'm still trying to decide if I want to paint her or not.  Any suggestions?

I got some steals on a few larger items too, but I'm saving those for makeover posts.

My question is, if you've been inspired (project-related) by someone's blog, but you can't remember what blog you got your idea from, how do you handle that?  Do you just put up a shout-out to see if someone else knows, and then link to the person's blog if you find out who they are?

Thanks for any responses!

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3 crafty peeps said:

  1. Love that little box. What about a little rub n buff just to bring out the details? I have had that problem in the past and used to save those posts to my Favorites. Now I print them out! Made a binder and everything for it. This way I have the link to the blog and the post I was inspired by. I actually did a post on it! : ) Otherwise, yes, I would mention you were inspired by someone's project, put in a shout-out and then edit if you find out who it was.

  2. You make me so jealous! I never spot anything at Goodwill! You must have a great eye! I am visiting from The Girl Creative. Come visit me!

  3. I really dig your milk glass cups! Nice find. And I really dig your style. I think your fine to give a shout out and give credit later.