Monday, February 23, 2015

Instagram & Bidding Farewell to the Blog

Well now, as much as I love blogging, it's painfully obvious that I just don't have the time to fit it into my daily, weekly, or even monthly life, anymore.  I'm still making and doing, but I don't have the time to document everything with a bazillion photos, time to edit said photos, and time to do a long write-up on it. So, I've decided to just switch my platform over to Instagram, where, like so many others, I'll be sharing my daily doings in mostly candid photos, with a short blurb here and there.

I mentioned on my last post that I currently have two separate IG accounts.  I would love to have you follow me on either or both!

My blog Instagram account is pretty much my personal account.  I'll be sharing a lot of pics from my personal life, as well and any crafty stuff I work on.  

I also have my Sweet Caroline at Home Instagram account.  It's mainly an IG shop for my vintage, repurposed and handmade goods.  

I hope that some of the oldschool folks I met through this blog, who I don't already connect with on some form of social media, will find me through IG.  I really enjoy the lasting relationships I've made through blogging.  I'm looking forward to picking back up with some of you!  

17 crafty peeps said:

  1. I'm following you on Instagram now. Will miss your blog.... :(

    1. Thank you, Lori! I'll head on over to IG to follow you back. :-)

  2. I just followed you too, I miss your posts, you inspired me,

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