Friday, March 28, 2014

Favorite Things Friday - No 8

Last week I shared some of my favorite Etsy shops for digital sewing patterns.  This week, I'm sharing some of my favorite Etsy fabric shops. 

I get almost all of my designer fabrics from Etsy.  I will occasionally go to a local quilt shop, but it's pretty difficult to shop a quilt shop with a toddler.  No carts, too packed with fabric to get a stroller around, plus I can only carry a bolt or two when I have Zoe with me.  It's just easier for me to shop for these fabrics online, and since I like to support other Etsians, I choose to shop through Etsy instead of some of the larger online fabric shops. 

Also, I've found that it's usually about the same cost to shop for fabric from Etsy as it is for me to shop from a local quilt shop. I try to order multiple fabrics at once so I can take advantage of combine shipping.  Most of the shops ship in a Flat Rate Priority envelope which is under $6.  I think most shops can fit about 8 yards in one envelope.  Most of the shops sell designer fabric (Amy Butler, Jennifer Paganelli, Anna Maria Horner, Michael Miller, Joel Dewberry, Moda, etc) at about $8 to $10 a yard.  My local quilt stores carry the same fabrics at $12 a yard.  If I buy 5 yards of fabric from an Etsy shop, I'm paying roughly $50 + $6 for shipping.  Locally, I'm paying $60 for 5 yards, plus tax, plus gas money.

I get all other fabrics, like blenders and solids at Hancock's, Hobby Lobby or JoAnne, using a 40% off coupon when I can.  

Some tips for buying fabric from Etsy.  

If I find a fabric I like, from browsing Etsy, I'll do an Etsy search for it to see who has the cheapest price. Then I compare their shipping cost to that of the next cheapest price by yard.  

Next, I look through their shop to see if they have any other fabrics I'd like so that I can get as much fabric shipped at once.  It's rare that I would pay $9 for a yard of fabric, plus, another $5 for shipping.  

If the listing says there's only one yard available, and I need more, I always ask if they have the amount I need.  Almost every time, the seller will set up a custom listing with the amount I need. 

Once I've added all of the fabric to my cart, and see that the shipping price is more than a Flat Rate Envelope, I'll ask for shipping to be adjusted.  If it's just $1 or a little more over, I don't worry about it.

Now that I've shared the How & Why I shop for fabric on Etsy, I want to share some of my favorite fabric shops.


shop link
You can read Pink Door Fabric's About Me page here.

Pink Door Fabrics carries a large selection of designer fabrics as well as blender fabrics and patterns.  They also carry organics and fabric bundles. I've purchased both fabric yardage and patterns, and have made more than one purchase from them.  My most recent purchase included


In addition to yardage, Southern Fabric has a huge selection of patterns. They also carry a rather large selection of pre-cuts, which I love!  In fact, all of the purchases I've made from them, have been pre-cuts. 


With fabrics sorted by pattern rather than designer/manufacturer name, Fabrics Boutique carries yardage, bundles & patterns.  Shipping has been so fast, that I had to wait to be able to leave feedback!  My most recent purchase included


shop link

Bee Yourself Fabrics carries designer fabrics, home dec fabrics and bundles as well as handmade items like throw pillows and table runners.  She has gorgeous selections of Anna Maria Horner, Jennifer Paganelli & Amy Butler.  My recent purchase included


You can find Fabric BUBB's About Me page here

Fabric BUBB carries a huge selection of fabrics.  Anything from designer to Kona solids to home decor and minky.  They sell both yardage and bundles.  With orders going out the next business day, shipping is super fast.  My most recent purchase were these awesome prints!


I hope you found this post helpful, and that if you're looking for fabric that the big box fabric spots don't carry, that you'll consider these shops for your fabric needs.  It's always a great thing when we can help support small business like these!

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