Tuesday, February 18, 2014

DIY Kid's Room Picture Frame

For the past couple of months, I've been working on inventory for a new Etsy shop that'll feature kids' room decor.  I've been doing a lot of research on trends, and have literally had hundreds and hundreds of images of various "kid" decor items pass before eyes.  I've got kid stuff on the brain, constantly. Feeling inspired, and needing to burn off some of that creative energy, I've been dreaming up ideas that I think would work in a child's room.  That's what brings us to today's post.

Today I'm sharing a cute little DIY frame that is perfect for a nursery for kid's room.  It's a super cheap project, and it's just so cute!  

I was recently cleaning my studio when I came across some little leftover clothespin people I'd made for another project.  In the same bin, I found a few craft store frames.  Light bulb!!!  

craft store frame
no-roll clothespins 
craft paint
assorted brushes, including one with a tiny tip
super glue or other bonding agent

paint pens  
furniture wax or some other protective coating 

Paint your frame. If using a protective coat, apply now.  I used a furniture paste wax on mine. It protects the flat paint while leaving just a light sheen.

Paint your clothespins, giving them different looks for skin-tone, hair and clothing, making sure to paint the sides.  I found that the eyes looked better when I used a fine tipped paint pen instead of a small brush. 

Decide on a pleasing arrangement for your people, and arrange three in one of the bottom corners, varying placement heights. Glue in place. 

That's it!  

I loved making the clothespin people.  It's so much fun choosing colors and patterns for the clothing and hair.  I'm thinking this project would be a good one for getting your little one's creative juices flowing.  Let them choose the colors and styles while you do the painting. 

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