Monday, January 27, 2014

No Sew Felt Valentine's Day Bunting

Add a little charm to your mantle this year with this simple bunting. This one's a simple project that anyone who can use a pair of scissors and an iron can do.  There's a bit of hand-sewing involved, but it's easy-peasy.

felt - mix of red, white or pink
Heavy Duty Heat-n-Bond or another iron on adhesive
pen or marker
red & white baker's twine
tapestry needle (it looks like a needle on steroids)

- I was able to get four triangles and eight hearts from each sheet of felt.
- I only use Heat-n-Bond so I'm not sure about the durability of other adhesives.
- You cab find baker's twine in the baking section or scrapbook sections of most craft stores.  I've also found it in the dollar bins at Target.
- Tapestry needles can be found in the knitting section of most craft stores.

I used my Sizzix Big Shot for cutting my shapes.  For me, this little machine is the way to go.  It beats tracing templates, and cutting by hand, any day.  If you are lucky enough to own one of these, use it.  If not, you'll need to create a template.  When I go this route, I will either create one in Word by inserting shapes and adjusting the size as needed, or I'll Google a template, copy it and then paste it into a Word document, adjusting the size as needed. 

Once you've have your images, print them on cardstock, and then cut them out.

This next part only applies to the hearts.

1- Trace or using a ruler, mark off and then cut out a piece of Heat-n-Bond the same size or a little smaller than your sheet of felt.
2 - With tacky side down, lay the Heat-n-Bond on top of the sheet of felt. 
3 - Following the package instructions, iron the Heat-n-Bond to the felt. 
4 - Once the paper backing on the Heat-n-Bond has cooled, trace your heart template onto it.
5 - Cut out hearts.

Putting it all together

1 - Trace your triangle template onto felt, and then cut them out. I didn't do this, but cutting with pinking shears will make a nice scalloped edge.
2 - Working with one at a time, remove the paper backing from the hearts, position it onto a triangle, and iron them on.  Acrylic felt can sometimes melt when ironed on high heat.  I've never had an issue, but have read that it can happen, so it's a good idea to lay a scrap of cotton fabric over the top of the felt, to act as a pressing cloth.

After you've gotten all of your pennants done, it's time to string them.  Cut a length of baker's twine to whatever length you need, making sure to cut an extra 2ft.  Using the tapestry needle,  sew twine into the corners of each pennant.  When finished, you should have about a foot of twine left at each end of the bunting for tying.

That's it!

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