Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pinterest Inspired - Quilt Binding Tutorial

Last year, I created a board for all of the things I'd tried from a pin and succeeded at.  I've decided to start doing posts on these and then pinning my posts to the Pinned It, Made It, Loved It board. 


I'm really bad about putting off learning something new because it seems too intimidating.  After putting it off, for sometimes years, I'll finally do it and have a major "DUH" moment when I realize that it wasn't nearly as complicated as I'd expected.

This most recently happened with quilt binding.

Back in 2007, I began quilting.  Nothing fancy, just some really primitive beginner stuff.  After all of the work I put into my quilts, I would finish them pillowcase style because I was afraid to try binding.  Now, there's nothing wrong with finishing that way, it just looks so much better when they're finished by binding.

One day back in Jan, I decided to look for a binding tutorial.  I came across a really great one, which I promptly pinned and then tried.

It's from Diary of a Quilter and it's a great tutorial on how to do binding with half machine stitching and half hand stitching.  She even teaches you how to make your own binding!  She's also got a tutorial for binding completely by machine, but I haven't tried that one. YET.

Just like everyone else, I hate to waste my time, so I made a couple of pot holders to try this out on.  It worked perfectly! 

Since finishing the pot holders (I plan to make many, many more of those), I've quilted and bound a small floor blanket for Zoe and a small quilt for her.  

If you've been afraid to try binding, I want you to just stop it and get on with it already.  You'll feel like a big old dorkus for not trying it earlier.  

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