Friday, June 3, 2011

Scouting for Fellow Blogging Belles

For those who don't know much about me, I'm a Carolina girl.  SOUTH Carolinian, to be exact.  During my year of blogging, I have run across several, and been lucky enough to actually meet a few other bloggers who live in my state or my neighboring states, NC & GA.

One of these ladies, who I've not yet met in person, is Jen from Scissors & SpatulasShe and I were thinking last week, that we'd like to try and get a group of bloggers from SC, NC, GA, and any other state nearby, together so that we can plan a meet-up and be able to meet each other in person.

I'm pretty sure that Leslie, from Goodbye House, Hello Home, have also discussed this so I think she's on board too.

I know of a few of  you that also live around these parts, and I'd planned to send e-mails out to you, but I just didn't get to it.  So, this post will hafta do what I didn't.  :-)

If you are in this area and are interested in this, please leave a comment with your e-mail address.  If your e-mail address is available on your profile, I don't need it in the comment.  If you're not sure that your e-mail address is available, please go ahead and leave it in your comment.   Also, if you would mention what state you're in, that would be great!

Right now, we're basically just trying to compile a list of interested ladies/gentlemen.  Once we have that, we start e-mailing to hammer out the details of our first meet-up.

25 crafty peeps said:

  1. Hey!! This sounds like a lot of fun!! I am actually a Michigan girl, but I am stationed in this beautiful southern state of North Carolina because my husband is a Marine. I would love for you to email me at Lizmariegalvan@gmail.com!! Thank you so much.. I look forward to hearing from you!

  2. I would be interested depending how far and where the meeting is. I'm in SC jenmad9696@hotmail.com

  3. EEEeee!
    Let's use my cafe'! (You help me get it ready for the party though, LOL!)
    What is funny is, I started a post to invite the SC blogging ladies to meet up, about 6 months ago (did I tell you this, already?), but haven't gotten around to getting the ball rolling like you have...
    I am on board: Whoo! Whoo!
    I am gonna finish my blog post, and post it next week and make another post it with the date later, whenever you think is good, and whenever we get some responses :).
    I will put the link to this post on my blog, too, so maybe you'll get some more comments.
    when were you thinkin'? Early Fall-ish? September-ish? Or sooner...glad you did this.
    P.S. I LOVE the new blog colors and design!!

  4. Hope you had a great weekend! I've just written up my SB post and will be posting it in the morning. I'm so excited! Did you buy the logo? It's fine it you did, it's cute. Otherwise, my hubby can make us one to use (for free, of course). So I'll post tomorrow and give it a few days to see what kind of response I get. THen we can go from there. This is going to be so fun!

  5. Just came to your blog from Jen's. I'm in South Carolina too (Charleston) and would love to get together with other crafty bloggers!

  6. I'm in the great state of NC, would love to meet some fellow bloggers.

  7. I am in NC and new to the blogging world. Would love to meet some "neighbors"!

  8. Exciting!... I am Chattanooga TN and would love to find some more bloggers in this part of the world .. perhaps I can then quit nashing my teeth in the direction of Utah!


  9. NC girl, here! New to the blogging world, but would love to meet some of you.:) CutTheCraftBlog@gmail.com


  10. Kristi, I emailed with Leslie after discovering both your blogs--I'm in Greenville too! :)

  11. OMG! I thought everyone was on the coast! But I'm in SC (near Greenville) and I'd LOVE to be a part of this! I also have a few ideas for some other bloggers in this part of the country (because we'd been talking about our envy of the gals in Utah and SoCal). Please email me at craftingscientist@gmail.com! : )

  12. Count me in!!!!!
    You have my e-mail. :)

  13. I'm gonna repost this on my BLOG, too so you can maybe get some more feedback....k?

  14. HI! I'm in Raleigh, NC and I'm definitely interested!


  15. Hey guys! I'm in Greenville SC too! A Crafty Southern Chic (above in comments) sent me your way. This is awesome! I've only been in Greenville about 2 yrs and really need to meet some folks with similar interests!

    email - junkernewbie@gmail.com
    Blog - http://junkernewbie.blogspot.com/
    Twitter - https://twitter.com/junkernewbie

  16. Lancaster SC here. Just south of Charlotte NC

    email: rgoins at comporium dot net
    blog: rgoins.blogspot.com (Dogs and Grandkids)

  17. This would be great. I would be interested in a get-together!

    Kathy (Sharing Shadymont) kathygail2000@yahoo.com

  18. Would love to meet some local bloggers- I'm in Greenville SC


  19. I'm a blog newbie living in Greensboro, NC and would love to meet some fellow bloggers! Thanks to Leslie at Goodbye House, Hello Home for cluing me in. My email is handgrs@gmail.com. Can't wait for more details!

  20. If this hasn't already happened ... I'm in Atlanta and would be more than happy to drive to SC for a meetup. I don't have a blog for design, but I do have a food blog (where I occasionally blog house projects) and a photography blog (I'm a photographer).

    kara @ karacooks.com

  21. Saw the Belle button on Goodbye House, Hello, Home and clicked over to your fabulous blog. I'm a belle in Upstate, SC. I've probably missed the get-together, but if you have another one, please add me to the list. You can reach me at seamsinspired at charter dot net. Happy Tuesday! ☺

  22. Hey ya'll! I got this from Junker Newbie! I live in GA, however, my son & his family are stationed in SC as he is in USMC....so either would work for me! I'm always up for a roadtrip!! :) And one to meet all ya'll? Perfect! Can't wait!

  23. Oh this sounds like fun!! I live in Jamestown, NC and would love to meet up. I found out about this through Stephanie's blog- Junker Newbie.

    Count me in!!

    Sherri aka The Junkin Chick