Saturday, May 28, 2011

Under Construction

Please excuse the mess. I'm trying to do a li'l blog makeover, and at the same time, learn some basic design tricks. Right now, I'm using a background from Shabby Blogs.  Man, they have some cute stuff over there! 

My goal is to come up with my own template/design to use permanently.  Charles used to be a web designer and while I will probably get him to do most of the work, I'm trying to figure some things out on my own.

I found some great tips on Sneaky Momma Blog Design, last night.   

Easy Blog Tips!

She's got tips separated into categories by ability levels (Beginner, Intermediate & Experienced).

Today, I went to Google Web Fonts and learned how to override the template I'm using and use fonts other than those Blogger provides.  You can see an example by looking at my Page tabs (about, trash to treasure, more trash, etc.) and my Gadget headers (search this blog, archive, my etsy shop, etc).  The font I'm using is called Waiting for the Sunrise.

Next, I want to try and make cute gadget tags like this, but with the font I'm already using for gadget tags.
image from Shabby Blogs

I'm also going to make a new header.  I actually like the one I have (for now), I just need to figure out how to stretch it a bit more.  You can see how doesn't fit all the way across the header space.  If anyone knows of a quick way to remedy this, please let a sistah know. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend!  We're finally getting those dining room chairs painted!

4 crafty peeps said:

  1. You can simply change the width of your header on photobucket.com. You just upload your image and change the dimensions to the width that you would like. It will change the height and the width so it doesn't just looked stretched out. I hope that helps! :) I can't wait to see the final look!

  2. I have a bunch of blog design tips on my blog... Including how to make your header the entire width of your blog. Check it out!

  3. Okay. So. You are not going to believe this. I saw your post just after dinner tonight and got inspired to finally do something about the look of my blog. I have been using that Watermark template.

    I went to your links, and now it is 2 AM in the morning and I am GOING TO BED!!!!! omg. This has been hysterical! Changed it all. Not totally happy with the new look, but it is a start. Seems I am having the same issue with the header needing to be stretched!! lol My hubby came out about an hour ago to make sure I was okay!!!!! lol

    Thanks for the push. I needed it. Lesley (yawn)

  4. This is an awesome project, and I love the color.