Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Sweet Spice Shelf Makeover

I just love this!

 I bought this shelf several months ago.

It took me a long time to get to it because it was N-A-S-T-Y!
grease & grime

I finally cleaned it up.  Then I removed the back and sanded that a little.  I also sanded the edges of the shelf some too.  After that, I brushed on a dark walnut stain.  When I stain things that I'll be painting later, I don't apply the stain in the typical way.  I just brush it on and then leave it to dry.  Since I'm just gonna be painting over it, the the stain job doesn't need to be perfect.  I will usually let it sit for 24-48 hours before I paint over it.

I waited.  And waited.  And waited some more.  Then I painted over it.  I used the Martha Stewart paint tester of Sea Glass (from Home Depot) which I've also used here & here.  It's the perfect color for Spring and Summer projects and it's currently one of my favorite colors.

After the paint dried, I sanded it all again, put the back, back on and, voila!

Here's a side by side.

Sweet, huh?

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14 crafty peeps said:

  1. Nice! I am using a similiar color this week on a secretary desk. Fun. Always great to finally 'get' to something that has been laying around. Now all you need are some books!:)


  2. oh i love it too! and i just painted my daughters dresser that color- i think :-\

  3. What a fabulous transformation! This is a great post, thanks for sharing. I just found your blog, I'll be back to visit again. Have a great day!

  4. I swear, you always impress me with your paint skills! I always love the colors you pick out.

  5. FANTASTIC transformation! You did so well with your paint job! I am in the market for a spice rack to "spice up" as well!


  6. This turned out GREAT. Good Job!

  7. Stop by my blog: http://bestpartofbelieveis.blogspot.com/
    I awarded you the stylish blogger award :)

    ~ Nikki

  8. love your blog!! love your style.. think I'm going to have to stay awhile .. wait that rhymes! hey I reall do love your style.. and now I'm off to look at more of your eye candy

  9. The colour you used is fabulous, I definitely need some of it in my house!

    The staining effect is wonderful, really gives it some character.

  10. Love the transformation! I love the color as well....almost like my legs on my pallet sofa table.....if you want to so it you can here My simple home life D.I.Y Pallet table

  11. Love, love, love how it turned out!!

  12. SO worth the effort! I love it!