Monday, January 10, 2011

Kick the Clutter 2011 - Week 2 - Entryway Closets

We have two small side by side closets in our entryway hall.  Why they didn't just made one large closet, I don't know.  Anyway, I've rearranged and shuffled things in and out of these closets a few times since we've been here (almost 4 years).  I did both closets last January and then I did one of them over again when I decided that I needed more pantry space.  This is what they looked like last week when I started my purge on them.

** Excuse the photos, please.  These are in a hallway and it's really hard to get a good angle.

This is the first closet on the left.  It's packed with games, coats and cleaning supplies.

This is the second closet.  It was holding all of our serving platters and other kitchen items that I couldn't fit in the kitchen.  I kind of cleaned it out a few months ago to store all of the food I bought when I tried my hand at couponing (not my thing).  In December, I started using it for projects I'd been working on.  What I ended up with was a closet with serving platters, a George Foreman grill, a waffle maker, some food, some project stuff, exercise mats, tennis rackets and a bunch of other stuff.

 Here are a couple of "in progress" shots.

From the first closet.  Look at all of those cleaning products!

From the second closet.

Here are my AFTER shots:

The first closet is now officially a coat closet.  I used the rolling cart that I took from our master closet and put in here to store the tons (bit of exaggeration there) of hats, gloves and scarves we have.  We don't really wear that stuff, but I made most of it so it's not going anywhere.  I bought a nice basket for up top which also has scarves, hats and gloves in it.  I took the wire shelving that was storing all of that cleaning junk, out and sent it to Good Will.  I took the shoe hanger out and had Han put it in her closet.  The games and cleaning junk got moved to the second closet.
Hi, Molly!

Here's the second closet which now stores the games, cleaning supplies (which I purged, a lot!), toilet paper for the half bath, the exercise mats, my stock of Bath & Body Works hand soaps, spare batteries and other supplies.  I also added the two drawers that I'd been using in the master closet for my socks and underwear.  That is holding all of vacuum attachments and my extra hand towels (I have a lot!).
Look!  I have empty shelf space!

We are currently snowed in with a whopping 6 inches of snow, with several more inches to come.  That's a big deal here in the South, where we normally only get a couple of inches at the most.  I'm using this opportunity to get my kitchen organized and then it's on to Han's bathroom.  Most likely, I'll be sharing the kitchen next Monday.

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8 crafty peeps said:

  1. nice work! and thanks for the inspiration. kicking the clutter was my #1 resolution this year!

    have a blessed day! (we're snowed in, too!)


  2. Looks good Kristi. I wish mine looked that good. I have good intentions, but it takes me a little while. The older I get, thelazier I get. Gale Bagwell

  3. Love the afters! You accomplished a ton of work.

  4. Can I just say that I love that you have a guitar hero guitar in there?

  5. I love the box of B&BW soaps. SWOONING over the declutter.

  6. we don't even have an entry closet i can clutter up. and then organize. and thn clutter up again. how sad.

  7. wow, whgat a make-over! Good job!

  8. Good job. I just cleaned a closet too, it feels great! (2 feet of snow here in NH)