Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween - Take 2

OK, so I ended up dressing up after all.  After looking through the photos for yesterday's post, I started regretting not dressing up at all.  I high-tailed it to Good Will to grab a Hawaiian shirt for a buck and threw a tourist outfit together by using stuff I had around the house.

I'm the "make-up" lady and did the sad clown's make-up and at the last minute I decided to make myself a little sunburn.

2 crafty peeps said:

  1. CUTE outfits! And you tossed yours together in no time. Gotta LOVE Goodwill! I also found out on Thursday we were dressing up the next day at the office. So I also was tossing together something at the last minute. And we decided to all dress the same, as a theme. :-)

  2. Love the outfits!! I miss the days of handmade costumes! I am lucky that this year my apartment decided to make our own! We had a blast & everyone complimented us. My gramma used to make my costumes every year. she'd sew them from a pattern.

    Happy Halloween!