Friday, October 8, 2010

DIY Candy Stand

Sorry about the missing Foodie Friday link party today.  I've been on the GO all week which is why I've only posted twice up until today.  I've been cleaning today to make up for not cleaning much during the week and I'm hope, hope, hoping that I'll be able to chill out this weekend.  

I've got one quick Halloween-ish project to show you before I sign off for the weekend.   

I got my plate and bowl from Target, back in their Halloween section.I used the melamine ones that cost under $2 each.  I just used a brass candlestick that I'd picked up awhile back.  All I had to do was spray paint the candlestick and then glue it to the plate and bowl.  The worst part of this project was that I just HAD to go and buy THREE bags of CHOCOLATE.  Oh, the horror!

 Y'all have a good weekend and don't eat too much pre-Halloween candy!

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16 crafty peeps said:

  1. Cute!! I CAN NOT bring candy into the house this long before Halloween. It would never make it to Oct 31 :)

    Hope you have a nice relaxing weekend!

  2. Cute, CUTE IDEA! Your table vignette is really adorable, too!
    Stop by the Pretty Packages Party if you get a chance!

  3. I've been glueing glass candlesticks to glass plates to make my own pedestals in various sizes and heights. So much fun and great for taking pictures of my backed goodies. I just got home from Target tonight with small black melamine saucer and condiment dish to make a tiny black cupcake stand when I saw what you'd done. Love it! I do have a question. What glue do you use on the melamine? I've been using E6000 for the glass products.

  4. you rock! and I love the farmer/wife negative framed in the background. you people really take halloween seriously. i like that! and the fact that you typed y'all.

  5. (I love your header btw) but I was also wondering what glue you used. I picked up some melamine plates and bowls today at Target, and glass candlesticks from the dollar store but wanted to make sure I used a glue that lasted. lilisbuzz.blogspot.com

  6. So cute !!!! I really love this way of "storing" the candy - out where you can get your hands on it !!!!!


  7. It turned out fabulous. And the next time you have to get candy, I'm willing to go for you. To spare you the horror of course. I'm nice like that. But don't blame me if some ghost eats all the candy before I return.

  8. I love this...I am totally inspired to create one of these for our stash! Thanks for sharing!

  9. This is very cute and, yes, I am cringing at the horror of all that chocolate.

  10. This is very cute - great way to use the current sale products in a new way!

  11. Cute idea!

  12. Love the spider webs on the dishes. What a fun project. Yeah, now the hardest part of the project is getting that candy to last until Halloween. Great idea.

  13. This is so cute! I love the plate and bowl!

  14. such a good idea, love it!

    i'm so behind in blog reading, it isn't even funny. thanks for your comment on my h'ween tweaking...another reason i am jealous of ppl near hobby lobby! i love that whole vintage vibe. and i love the 20s so that's perfect, lol.

    have you entered my birthday giveaway? i don't know why more people aren't entering, but i'd much rather it go to someone i've conversed with! so please enter if you haven't, and if you'd like to!

  15. That is so cute! I picked up one of those plates too - wish I had bought the bowl now too! I am going to be featuring this on my blog later today. Have a great weekend!