Monday, September 6, 2010

Upcycled $1 Picture Frame

 If you're a follower, you might know that I just recently opened an etsy shop.  This is something that I've planned on doing for a long time.  I think I actually created this shop in Feb 2009.  Like everything else I planned pre-blog,  the shop got pushed aside and forgotten.  This blog and the community that surrounds it has really motivated me to not be, I guess shy or embarrassed are good works to describe it, about my creativity and just putting myself out there.  The positive feedback I've gotten on some of my projects really helped validate what my family has been telling me for years...  I am good at this and I AM creative.  Recently, like many of you, I've come to realize that I only have so much room for stuff and my family can only wear so many hats and scarves at once  This prompted me to try and remember what my etsy password was and to blow the dust off of my shop and just jump in with both feet.

I made a few necklaces last week for the shop and then realized that I had no idea how I would photograph them.  How would I display them in a way that flowed with my style and what kind of image I want to project?  I didn't want to spend too much money, but I needed it to look nice.   I ended up using a picture frame I got at GW for $1.00, some burlap I got at Hobby Lobby for around $2 and some paint I had at home. 

I removed the plastic that was serving as glass and removed the carboard backing.  Then I primed, painted and distressed the frame.  I cut a piece of foamcore board with the burlap and attached it to the back of the frame.  Then I screwed three cuphooks into the back so that I could hang the necklace chains in back.  This is what my finished piece looks like:

For anyone else who is pondering this jump into the business side of crafting, I encourage you to check out two books.  They are The Crafty Superstar The Handmade Marketplace, which I just did a giveaway on.  

Both of these books are full of information for anyone who is deciding to sell their crafts, not just on etsy, but anywhere. They are both totally awesome and you can get each one for under $15 on Amazon.

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6 crafty peeps said:

  1. I've been putting off doing an etsy shop for my photography- enough people bug me about it that I know I need to do it :)

  2. Love the concept! Good Luck with your store!

  3. WOOHOO! Good for you! Thanks for the book referral. Jen

  4. Thanks for linking up to the Mad Skills party!


  5. good for you for jumping into the business world good luck as well

  6. Yes, good for you for stepping out there! I like the frame idea for display! Great job and good luck.