Monday, May 17, 2010

Trendy Blog Award

Last week one of my new bloggy friends, Jan from The Simpler Life, gave me this award.  I'm so thankful that at least one person out there thinks I'm cool. ha ha (I use this a lot because I can't bring myself to use LOL).

Jan has done some great projects including this awesome canister set makeover, so go check her out.


Here’s how the award works:

To receive this award you have to promise to share this with 10 other BLOGS that you think are Trendy too. 
Post about your award in your blog. 
List your Top 10 Trendy Blogs.  
Share with them.  
Leave a link to the Trendy Blog Button.  
Tell them they need to give this award out to 10 as well.

Here are my picks:
Sarah from Hennessey House
Bird from Birdcrafts
Ann Marie from La Maison LaFortune
Chana from Mamma Town

If you haven't already been to these fab blogs, please go take a peek.

6 crafty peeps said:

  1. Thank you, Kristi! And I do also think you're pretty darned cool!!!

  2. Thanks Kristi. Your title photo makes me laugh every time.

  3. Thank you so much for this award!! :)

    And your speckled dog is just toooo funny! :D


  4. HI!!
    I am just now catching up from my trip to ATL!
    Thank you thank you!
    I am blushing :)
    I think you're cool, too!
    I will get this award up on my blog ASAP, cuz I wanna be cool like you!
    Hope you had a great weekend!