Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summer Fun

So this is my first summer at home with Han.  This is also her last summer as an elementary school kid so I want it to be special for both of us.  Summer begins next Friday for us and we can't wait!  Yesterday evening, we lay in the bed together, discussing our Summer plans.  Here's what we have so far.

Book Club - We're still trying to decide on a book, but so far, this is my favorite idea.
Beading - I want to teach her how to make her own earrings so she can save some $$ and always have a fabulous pair to wear.  
Knitting - I taught her the basic knit stitch earlier this year and hope that we get lots of opportunities to knit while watching some girly movies.
Sewing - She has already learned so much from her 3 weeks in sewing class.  She's already better at it than I am!
Painting - I had an idea that we could do a still-life session, to see how different our styles and perceptions are.
Polymer Clay - I took a class at AC Moore back in Feb and it is really simple and fun.  Hannah's been wanting to learn so we added that to the list.
Galleries & Museums - Hannah's only been to one gallery (where Charles has some of his stuff) so I want to get her out and get her cultured.  ha ha
The Pool - It opens next Monday and Han is dying to go.  I kind of am too!  :-)
What are your summer plans?  I'd love to get some other ideas.

6 crafty peeps said:

  1. Next Friday is my Maddie's last day in Elementary school too. We have absolutely no plans other than one week long camp and 2 weeks vacation visiting family. I'm liking some of your ideas. You are very ambitious!

  2. Holy cow you are the best mom, evar! I'm just overwhelmed with the freakin' house work right now! ;)

  3. Wow! What amazing goals for summer! How fun this will be!! I'm so happy you get to enjoy such amazing quality time;)
    PS- thanks for the compliment on my comments:)
    PSS-I'm STILL waiting to respond with a post honoring the award you shared with me! I've just been so whipped lately! Just don't want you to think I'm an ungreatful snot who doesn't appreciate your acknowledgement...because I do more than you know;) xoxox

  4. My summer plans? To go wherever you go and do whatever fun things you do :)
    Do you make earrings?
    My daughter Alyssa makes her own jewelry, too, if you ever wanna get together and do that in our cafe'?
    Lemme know!
    I am going to be teaching my girls how to slipcover.
    And eat.
    And pull weeds.
    And nap.
    That's my summer ;)

  5. i'm taking a group of high school kids to young life camp, then going to mexico with the hubs. i want to read and craft a lot this summer. i wish i could come to your house, because all of those options sound awesome! you are a great mama!

  6. Friday was my last day of elementary school, too. I retired as a school librarian. Would be happy to suggest book for your mother/daughter book club. Just need to know some titles you two did like.

    Love your quote by Willie Nelson:)

    Take care!