Tuesday, May 4, 2010

No Man's Land

This is so embarrassing...

Ok, so here's my studio.

Are you still there???  Are you conscious???  Is your jaw on the floor???

That is supposed to be my studio, but what it actually is, is a drop zone for all of my supplies and stuff.  I've totally been putting off cleaning this room up and have just been going in there, grabbing what I need, working on my projects on the dining room table, which is now covered in paint, and then putting the supplies back...  on the floor!!

Almost every weekend, I plan to get this room together and every weekend, I put it off.  The rest of my house is clean and clutter-free for the most part. It's just this room and one other room, where we store Christmas stuff and other decorating items, that are a mess.

Anyway, this week is my last week of school (my last final is tomorrow) until mid-May so I'm going to set a goal.  I'm doing this here because this blog seems to be a good way for me to get it in gear and get stuff finished so I can blog about it.  My goal is to have this room finished, photographed and blogged by Weds, May 12th.  This might actually seem like a long period of time to some of you, but I am the Queen of Procrastination which means that I take a bazillion breaks and that I probably won't even start this until Friday or Sat.  And I actually have plans on Fri, Sat and Sun so that cuts in a little.

Stay tuned for the transformation.

12 crafty peeps said:

  1. Looks like my living room at the moment. I am trying to organize my house.

  2. You've got a great space with lots of potential!

  3. Ahhh Kristi-- no worries. I don't think that's bad at all. I am serious. You should see our basement! ;)

  4. Kristi,
    I didn't think it looks bad at all, in fact I was thinking, boy, that room looks like a fun space and wouldn't I love to help her organize that space (with the nicest possible meaning)? I love organizing things.
    (I know I am sick- but I also like making messes if that makes you feel any better).
    You also have some wonderful shelves and a cabinet and bookcases, tables, a closet, and a cool red chair (I have 2 red chairs in my living room!) so you already have a good start!
    I took before pictures of my master bedroom a month before I completed it- I got so much encouragement, that it only took me a month ;) It had been undone for 6 months!
    So, this blogging and showing the world our messes helps get us motivated to make a reveal post, which get the room done!
    You know I'll be looking for the reveal on the 12th, LOL!

  5. What a great room! And I was just thinking how my WHOLE house looks like that so I wasn't in the least bit bothered:) Cute blog! So glad I stumbled upon you and your fun little life! I'm totally following:)

  6. Ha Ha! I know what you mean. I can't keep anything organized. I can't put anything back where it came from. Everything is chaos. I love these pictures of peoples studio's that are all organized and pretty...I wish!!!

  7. Good luck!!! I just cleaned and reorganized mine and it feels sooo good!!! You will enjoy the end product and be more productive then ever!!!!!!

  8. haha, don't sweat it - mine looks quite disastrous, too! this makes me feel better :) best of luck!

  9. Number One: You have clear shelves. That is amazing and wonderful and I am jealous. My studio looks like yours (worse actually), minus ANY empty available space. You are way ahead right there!
    Number Two: Milk Glass! Love!
    Number Three: Awesome red chair! Love!

    You really can tell that your space is not messy, just disorganized. I bet getting it together won't be as hard as you think! If you're like me, you'll find tons of stuff you didn't know you had!

    You know me, I am a mess, and so is my house. My studio is a study in disaster - much worse than yours! The worst part? It was clean 2 weeks ago. It takes so little time for me to destroy it, in part because I have very little space, but mostly because I am a slobby slob.

    I believe in you! Go get that room! I'll be waiting for the makeover post!

    ps - Don't you secretly wish Hoarders had teams you could call in for just a room or two? But they wouldn't film it (too embarassing) they'd just clean it up for free? That'd be awesome.

  10. Ooh! I love organizing too. I am constantly organizing my studio. I have a blog I recently started on organizing because I enjoy it so much. Stop by if you get a chance! Just ran across your blog and have enjoyed your creative writing! Connie

  11. Thank you for showing real life photos! :) This looks exactly like my 'craft dump' in my unfinished basement! So many times we only see the 'perfect' photos, which is not real life all the time...at least not in my house. I really like your new space! It looks fantastic!

  12. YAY!!!!!!! Thank you for linking up! So glad I'm not the only one! We can be messy sisters :)
    Can't wait to see the transformation.....:)