Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cheater Yarn Balls

I started my blog in January.  By then, it was too late for me to share my Christmas decorations.  I've had to wait over 10 months to show these.  

I'd originally planned to make one of the yarn ball wreaths that Starbucks used a couple of Christmases ago. 
 image courtesy of Apartment Therapy

After wrapping foam balls in different red and green yarns, I decided that I didn't feel like dealing with trying to arrange and attach them to a wreath form so I ended up just tossing them in a basket, which I really liked.  I liked it enough to do the same thing with them this year.

Just like the Christmas Ribbon Wreath and the Ribbon and Yarn Trees, these yarn balls don't need a tutorial or instructions, really.  I'll just briefly explain what I did.  I've mentioned in  the past posts that I try not to use hot glue.  I can't stand those stupid strings of glue that form when you pull the gun away.  They annoy me to no end.  Anyway, I use straight pins when I wrap foam in something.  With these yarn balls, I used a good many pins throughout just to keep the yarn in place.  When you're wrapping these, you want to change directions every now and then and placing a pin right before you change directions will help you out.  You can just cover the pinhead by positioning a neighboring strand of yarn over it.

I also made these "snowballs" last year.  I had some fuzzy white yarn that I think came from Hobby Lobby and it makes the perfect snowball when wrapped around foam balls. 

I'm using a good bit of foam in my Christmas projects this year too.  I sure hope these things aren't toxic.  :-)

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12 crafty peeps said:

  1. i love the look of the "snowball" ones- so soft and pretty!

  2. Thanks for finding the actual picture of the Starbucks wreaths. I have had the supplies for this project for about 18 months now! Maybe I will be able to get it done this year!

    Take care,

  3. Gostei imenso da sua ideia
    Eu nunca me passaria pela cabeça, algo igual
    Ficou lindíssimo

  4. Oh how fabulous! I love it! And those snowball ones are really cute! Now that really inspired me to do something different this year! Thanks so much!

  5. Hey there pretty lady! I just awarded you the stylish blogger award in my most recent post! Check it out & Congrats!! <3

  6. such a great idea!

    hey, so I just awarded you with the Stylish Blogger Award.
    Come on over to pick it up!

  7. Such a cute idea......they look so cute in the dish! just sitting on display. Where do you get your foam balls? I see them at the craft stores but find that they are a bit pricey to buy individually.

  8. They look fantastic (but you had me at 'cheater'!!). I'm getting all festivey myself and am wondering what to make for our very un-festivey front door. Inspiration like this is just what I need. x

  9. I love the snowballs...I've been trying to figure out an inexpensive way to make some, and this would work perfect! Very cute =)

  10. Love the snow balls! Where do you get your foam balls? I saw them at Joann and they seemed expensive IMO- on sale, maybe? I want some! And the two wreathes are fab too!

  11. I love love love this idea. I have a love for yarn and this would just let me use it as a decoration too! Love the idea of wrapping it cause heaven forbid you let all of the yarn go unused.