Monday, February 23, 2015

Instagram & Bidding Farewell to the Blog

Well now, as much as I love blogging, it's painfully obvious that I just don't have the time to fit it into my daily, weekly, or even monthly life, anymore.  I'm still making and doing, but I don't have the time to document everything with a bazillion photos, time to edit said photos, and time to do a long write-up on it. So, I've decided to just switch my platform over to Instagram, where, like so many others, I'll be sharing my daily doings in mostly candid photos, with a short blurb here and there.

I mentioned on my last post that I currently have two separate IG accounts.  I would love to have you follow me on either or both!

My blog Instagram account is pretty much my personal account.  I'll be sharing a lot of pics from my personal life, as well and any crafty stuff I work on.  

I also have my Sweet Caroline at Home Instagram account.  It's mainly an IG shop for my vintage, repurposed and handmade goods.  

I hope that some of the oldschool folks I met through this blog, who I don't already connect with on some form of social media, will find me through IG.  I really enjoy the lasting relationships I've made through blogging.  I'm looking forward to picking back up with some of you!  

Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekend Happenings

I had a pretty busy weekend.  Busy enough that I didn't work on anything crafty.  BOO.

Yesterday was my and my husband's 6th anniversary.  We celebrated on Friday night by having dinner at the restaurant where we had our first date.

Saturday morning, I spent some time gathering project photos for a meeting at Miracle Hill Thrift Stores.  It was kind of mind-blowing to see all of the pretty things I've made, and luckily sold.  It means other people think my stuff is pretty too!  I say mind-blowing because I've never really seen everything all together before, and didn't realize just how much I'd done over the last few years.  It was also really motivating because for the last couple of years, I'd lost steam with working on this kind of thing, and have had it on the back burner. I've mentioned before, having a garage full of stuff that I need to get moving.  Seeing all of my finished projects has given me the push I need to get my 2nd shop, Sweet Caroline at Home, stocked with more upcycled/repurposed items.  I see A LOT of paint in my near future! 

I didn't work on anything crafty this weekend, but I did manage to get some thrifting in, and got some great stuff!  The best find was a 1st edition printing of Rebecca.  I picked it up because it looked shabby and I knew it would go well with some of the other books I've got sitting out.  I went to check the title, and seriously felt a jolt when I saw what book it was!  Rebecca is my no.1 favorite book, EVER!  

I also launched my Sweet Caroline at Home Instagram.  It'll mainly be covering the thrifting and upcycling/repurposing stuff I do, and will be linked to the Sweet Caroline at Home Etsy shop.  I'd love for you to follow me!  

My other Instagram account is more personal.  I share a lot of pics from my personal life, as well and any crafty stuff I work on.  Right now, there's a lot of quilting going on in my feed.  

Today, I'm starting on a quilt for my niece who is having her 4th birthday party.  Of course, she's into princesses, and loves pink and purple.  Shocker, right??  I found some really cute fabrics to use, and can't wait to get started.

Until next time...

Monday, June 16, 2014

New Year's Resolution Quilt Update

Back in January, I made a resolution that I would complete a paper-pieced Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt by Dec 31 of this year.  At the time, I figured I'd make a flower a week until Fall, and then I'd start on the outline pieces before putting everything together.  At that time, I'd just started my third flower, and I was on my way.  And then...  Yeah, I stopped working on it right after I published that post.  Jan, Feb and March were extremely busy months for my shop, and I didn't do much else than fill orders.  Once that was over, I didn't feel like working on much of anything!  In May, I attended a craft party hosted by Sarah from Sadie Seasongoods.  I needed some kind of portable craft, and figured my neglected quilt was perfect.  I'm happy to report that I've been working on it daily ever since.

I decided that I didn't like the larger flowers, and am now doing flowers with the center and two rings around it.  I'm planning to remove the third ring from the first two flowers I made, back in January, so that leaves me with these 11 flowers, plus the two from that I need to undo.  I should be at 24 by now so I'm still a little behind.  Although, I'm thinking now that I'll just stop at 24 because I really don't want a ginormous quilt.  Just something I can drape over the end of the of a bed or that will fit on a twin bed. So I guess now, I'm ahead of schedule.  YAY!  

I would have never imagined I would enjoy working on something so tedious, but I absolutely love every part of the process of making these flowers.  Even cutting the paper templates.  I've always loved having something else to do while I watch TV, and this is the perfect TV project.  It's even better than knitting because there are no stitches to count!  

Until next time...