Monday, March 10, 2014

Easter Basket Bunting Tutorial

I've been a parent for the last 15 Easters.   For about 10 of them, I had the privilege of putting together an Easter basket for my oldest daughter.  I love doing Easter baskets! I think it might have something to do with the challenge of fitting everything into such a small space, while still making it look cute. Why is it that the basket seems much larger when you're shopping for things to go in it, than it does when it's time to fill it?  

Anyway, now that Zoe's two, it's time for me to start playing Easter Bunny again.  This year, I've come up with a something to add a little more charm to the basket, without using up any of that precious basket real estate, and I've put together a little tutorial to share with you.  

 Here's what you do.

baker's twine
Heavy Duty Heat-n-Bond or another iron on adhesive
fabric scraps

tapestry needle (it looks like a needle on steroids, found in knitting section)
ironing board

  • Print the bunting template.
  • Rough side down, lay the Heat-n-Bond over the top of the bunting template and trace as many pennants as you need.  
  • Cut shapes out.
  • Rough side down, iron Heat-n-Bond to the BACK of your fabric scraps.
  • After they've cooled down, cut out pennants .
  • Carefully peel the paper backing from the Heat-n-Bond.
  • Now fold your pennants together, shiny sides facing each other. Leave an open section at the top of the triangles.  You'll thread the twine through this opening later.
  • Carefully iron the front and back of the triangle together, making sure not to iron the opening at the top closed.
  • Using the tapestry needle, thread the baker's twine through each flag.
  • Tie to the handle or the front of your basket, removing an flags that don't fit, and trimming any excess twine.

That's it! 

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  1. I like so much your basket!Thanks for a tutorial!
    Gret blog too!I'm your new follower!
    Best wishes!

  2. Lovely basket! Thanks for sharing tutorial!
    Hope you have a wonderful week!
    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  3. So cute! Having a little girl in June...cannot wait to celebrate Easter as she gets older!

  4. Sorella, little girls are s much fun! Congrats!

  5. Kristi--I adore this! What a fun way to spruce up those plain Easter baskets! Thank you for the great tutorial!

    Would love for you to stop by tomorrow and link this up to Fabric Frenzy Friday!
    Fabric Frenzy Friday

  6. That will bring smiles on Easter for sure!

  7. I adore this! So so cute! Pinning for sure. Have a great day! - Bre @ Average But Inspired

  8. What a great way to decorate an Easter basket. I just wanted to let you know that I am linking to this post at www.simply-creative-living.com this week if you don't mind.