Monday, March 14, 2011

Booted - The Little Chair That Couldn't

I'm a little embarrassed, actually. I didn't expect to fall off the first week.  Oh well.  I do want to say congrats to all of the ladies who did make it through to the next round and good luck!  I'll still be voting weekly and am already having a hard time choosing which project to vote for this week!  

To everyone else, make sure you head on over to 1 Month 2 Win It to vote!  Voting ends Weds! 

 I guess this contest wasn't the best time for me to try something out of my range of expertise.  I didn't want to do one of my typical pieces because I didn't want to make it too easy for someone to spot something of mine.  Plus, this lil' lady had been sitting around in my garage for almost a year and it was time to git-r-done.  (OMG, did I just say that???)

Sadly, the back couldn't be saved.  It looked like it was made from some sort of cardboard material and it was torn and split. 

After Charles cut the backing out, I took the chair apart and began scraping and sanding the peeling paint.

Once that was finished, The chair was put back together and then stained with my favorite stain, Minwax in Dark Walnut.  Just like I do with some of my other pieces, I just brush it on and leave it to dry.  The finish doesn't need to be all that great because I'm just gonna cover it up with paint.  I just need the stain to contrast the paint once I distress.

After that, it was time to paint and distress.  I just used some leftover trim paint we had.  It's just a white with a slight brown tint to it.

While I was stripping, staining and painting, Charles was cutting the plywood pieces needed for the back and the seat.

For the seat upholstery part, I bought a big ole' foam cushion which we cut to size and then wrapped in batting.  For the chair back, we used a few layers of batting.  I chose to match the chair fabric to the drapes in my bedroom, so I bought a matching drapery panel and cut it up.

Charles put everything together.

And we had a chair.  The after photo I chose to submit wasn't the greatest.  It was taken in my dining room and I have to say that the chair looks so much better in the bedroom.  I didn't want to post a photo of it in there because I'd been thinking I would do my bedroom reveal before the 1 Month 2 Win It voting started.  I didn't want anyone to be able to figure out which one was mine.  Anyway, here she is, in her new spot, looking fabulous!

P.S.  Although the title and the intro of this post makes it seem like I think my chair sucks, I don't.  I LOVE my chair.  :-)

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11 crafty peeps said:

  1. I loved your chair! You did a fabulous job. =] Voting was so hard as there were many projects I loved. Looking forward to the room reveal. =]

  2. Don't be so down on yourself!! That chair looks awesome! You lost to a great group of projects! I heart your chair! :) And I am so glad you played along with us on OMTWI! :) You are the master at trash to treasure -- don't let anyone tell ya different! :)

  3. that chair is adorable! love the colors! and you should be proud of yourself for making it into the conest! that was something! i never make it into those kids of things, so don't feel bad! i am cool and you are too and we don't need votes to tell us so. ;)

  4. I love your chair white and distressed. You put in a lot of work and love to this.

  5. I think your chair rocks!

  6. Oh, I think it looks spectacular! What a way to save it. I love the color---that blue is so beautiful! You did a great job!

  7. I love the chair, Kristi! It's so beautiful! And you're right-- that is out of your range. I guessed wrong, I thought you were sumfin' else. Now, I'm sad.

    You can't feel bad-- that is one fantastic project. You just can't guess what will catch people's eyes, can ya? People=fickle. Your awesome stuff always pops up on craft blogs.

    You rock, sista.

  8. Wow love the chair and I'm amazed you basically started from scratch. Great job! I'm your newest follower. Hope you follow me too :)


  9. It's an absolutely beautiful chair. I don't know what your competition was, but this looks like a winner to me. I love the fabric color.

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