Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dresser Deets

Here's the story of how I came to have this beautiful piece of furniture in my home.

We'd recently moved a large screen, floor model TV out of our living room and moved a much smaller flat screen in.  Since we'd had the floor TV for years, we had no entertainment center.  Because of this, our TV wall of the living room looked like this.  A lot of individual, non-match-y pieces corralling all of our TV related stuff.

I've done a few smaller furniture makeovers before and so I decided to find an old dresser in need of a makeover and well, make it over.  I thought a dresser would be the perfect thing to use as a TV stand.  It would work whether we had the TV on the wall or just sitting on top.  Also, all of the drawers would keep all of our DVD's, Wii games, controllers, remote controls, etc, out of the way.

For inspiration, I started paying attention to dresser makeovers in the linky parties.  A few weeks ago, I cam across this one.

It was done by the T-A-L-E-N-T-E-D Kathleen over at Between Blue and Yellow.

 When I say talented, I mean it.  Check out the BEFORE.
 Those drawer pulls?  Speaker wire.  Yes, I said speaker wire.

Anywho, I just had to leave a comment because she did such an awesome job on this.  Here's what I said:

Kristi said...

Here from Remodelaholic. This is such a gorgeous piece! Love everything about it!. This is so what I want to go under our TV.

    ~ The Speckled Dog

I was thinking she was probably out West, where most of our type of bloggers seem to be and so I was planning to just use her piece as inspiration for my own.  Imagine my surprise when she responded that she was in Atlanta and if I wanted it, it was for sale.  I'm only a little over two hours from Atlanta!  I called Charles over to show him and I mentioned that it was in Atlanta AND it was for sale AND that it was just what I wanted for the TV.  A couple of weeks later, I found out that he was planning to get it for me.  Say whaaaa???  Oh, that sweet man of mine!  

Yesterday, we rented a pick-up and drove down to pick it up.  We got there right as they'd just wrapped up a block party and it was there in the driveway when we pulled up.  Oh my!!  It looked great online, but in person, it was absolutely perfect!

I got to meet Kathleen.  She's such a great gal.  So easygoing and easy to talk to and get along with.  
me on the left and Kathleen on the right

I also got to see two of her other pieces in person and they too and just like the dresser I got, they were amazing to see in person. 

There's this one that I would love to have taken home if we'd had the room in the truck and in our house.

And this one that she's keeping for herself.

Nice, right?!?

Here's my new dresser in it's new home.  

It is definitely the focal point of the room and I seriously can't stop staring at it.  It looks like something out of a PB catalog!  And storage..  oh my!  There's a drawer for everything, including magazines AND knitting!  

I'm absolutely in love!  Thanks, Kathleen!


5 crafty peeps said:

  1. That is so pretty! I love the lines of it and the way you have it situated is just perfect. Is that a little puppy I see? Yay for you! Jen

  2. It looks amazing! Love, love, love it!!!

  3. I too fell in love with this piece! It looks perfect in your space! You got a great guy, btw! ;)

  4. you did a great job i love how the piece turned out congrats