Friday, February 7, 2014

Favorite Things Friday - No.4

A series of weekly posts, sharing some of my favorite internet finds.

I pinned a lot of fabric-related things this week, including some really cute pillows, so I've decided to do a round-up of some of my favorite pillow pins.

These first two were the pillows I pinned earlier this week.  They're from Sugar Creek Bedding. They actually have a good many different styles to choose from over there, and they're all gorgeous.  These are finished products, so there's no pattern, but they really don't look like they'd be too complicated to make.  Maybe I'll come up with a tutorial for one this weekend.  

This next one is a tutorial from Sew 4 Home.  I made one of these last summer, and it was really easy, although ended up having to order a HUGE button kit because no matter how hard I pulled on my yarn, I couldn't get the hole closed up enough.  I even tried elastic, and it still wasn't small enough. I bought, I think a 3 inch button kit.  I ordered it through Amazon.  I used pre-made piping, but I'm totally making my own next time.  I'd never used piping before, but it was really easy to do.

Here's a cute quilted pinwheel pillow from Birdie Girl Quilts.  There's not tutorial for it, but it looks pretty straightforward.

I love this sprocket pillow.  Back when I pinned this, it was for sale here for several hundred dollars.  I was able to find the tutorial for this from Moda. You can find that here.  This is still on my to-do list because I have several jelly rolls that've been sitting around for a few years. 

Here's a pretty little pinwheel pillow Amy from Diary of a Quilter made.  I love the color combo. 

I'm in love with the fabrics used here.  Actually, I love all of Tanya Whelan's fabrics. I've recently acquired a wholesale account with Westminster Fibers, and I can hardly wait to get my hands on lots and lots of her fabrics.  

I love this next pillow because it's so simple.  It would look great as it is, in a small print, or in linen, but would look fabulous in a large print too. 

Going through my pillows board has inspired me.  My dad recently moved, and gave us they day bed he had in his guest room.  Our plan is to use it for Zoe when she's ready to move to a big-girl bed.  I'm thinking a whole mess of various pillows in bright, cheery fabrics would look great on a day bed. Right???  

1 crafty peeps said:

  1. Oh I am so happy to have found your blog. You have given me the inspiration to get sewing again. Love all those pillows especially the large sprocket one. Thanks for sharing!